Synereo is Fundraising right now for there first Decentralized Application and the launch of their Blockchain 2.0 tech, Rchain. Learn More here at

Here are some key value points:

  • Synereo CSO is Greg Meredith, a highly infleuncial mathmetician/programmer in the space and regularly works with Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum on the Casper Protocol.
  • Synereo is raising funds to launch Rchain, a revolutionary blockchain improvement that aims to solve scalability.
  • Synereo’s AMP digital token, will power the network and is currently on sale for approximately $.20 per coin.
  • Synereo has developed its own full tech stack, comparable to Ethereum but innovative in its nature.
  • Synereo is releasing it’s first dApp, a social network ASAP to prove the value of its network.
  • Synereo has partnered up with NFX Guild, a silicon valley accelerator for dApp guidance.

For more information and consultation about how to safely purchase and Store your AMPs through Synereo’s fundraiser, or how to get involved. Fill Out the Form Below